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Margaret Howell 

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Apr 21, 2014


This week I tried something new with my graduate students. To help them better explain the product they are making, they had to visualize their proces and product on an A1 poster. This appeared to be quite hard for some students, because one of the big problems they are facing at this stage of their graduation proces, is that they have finished their research and now they have to translate their findings into a product that matches the research. When they start with their projects, students often already have a product in mind. It is hard for them to change this image to one that matches with the outcome of their research. After hanging all the posters in the Medialounge, students had to give feedback on the posters of their peers with colours of post-its matching a category of feedback. It was a fun few hours with useful feedback.

I also started working on re-designing a course I will be coordinating next school year. I am really excited about this course, because I can finally put my four years of digital media studies to work :) The course will change directions, from media sociology to media theory, and it is up to me to come up with an interesting eight weeks of lectures and practical seminars.