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Pebble Bowl | Nendo

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'House in Ohno'
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'House in Ohno'

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At the HvA I continued working on the Mediatheory course. I prepared a lecture on databases and one on protocol. The first was relatively easy. I did not take a technical approach on databases, but looked at the meaning of data in our society, a little history of the database and the concept of big data. Protocol on the other hand was a bit harder to tackle. It is quite a complex object, and to translate the theories of Foucault, Deleuze and Galloway to something understandable for second year students was hard. I did have a nice discussion with one of my colleagues about the way the internet is build [protocol wise] and what this means for the medium and this might have given me a new approach for the lecture.

I also worked a bit on figuring out the best way to coach students that are behind. How can we approach them, make sure they get to understand what their problems are and help them to catch up? In the environment I am working in, it is hard to make the most out of the limited hours you get for a task because a lot of things are not really efficient. But we are working on a solution.

For SAAM we made a product video this week. I helped by playing the hand model :) It was a fun afternoon and I am curious about the result.

I also had time to visit two museums. On Friday afternoon I went to the Howard Greenberg Collection at the Joods Historisch Museum. Definitely worth visiting. And in the evening I went to Foam, where JH Engstrom showed us his exhibition. He is a Swedish photographer who lives in Varmland. This is the area Alex and I spend our summer, so it was really nice to look at the area in his photo’s. 

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